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    Beyond the Archives: A Collaborative Exhibit Featuring Original Artwork by Sisters

    During this modern age, we applaud the creativity and versatility of artistic expression by those sister artists of the past and present day. The documentation of women religious as artists may be limited due to the lifelong humility embraced by sisters. A broad display of subject matter and artistic format will illustrate the hidden talents of the artist and the versatility of themes. 

    Inspired by the positive reception of collaborative projects, ‘Charity Speaks,’ featuring oral history interviews with sisters, and ‘A History of the Federation Communities in Objects,’ in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Sisters of Charity Federation, this is the third joint project amongst Sisters of Charity Federation archivists to feature resources from individual communities.

    This exhibit will feature some familiar works and, also, reveal unknown compositions. Artwork in different mediums will be included, some displayed at community, or other locations, others, brought to light from storage, unable to be displayed due to exhibit limitations.

    The collaborative display of artwork by Congregation members will be represented from the fourteen Federation communities.

    For further information, please see the contact information and refer to the ‘Rights’ statement for the representative community at the ______ page.



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    A History of the Sisters of Charity Federation Communities in Objects:


    A Collaborative Exhibit Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Sisters of Charity Federation

    This year is the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Charity Federation of North America. In 1947, Mother Seton’s Daughters including leaders from the representing Congregations, met on October 28 and 29, in Emmitsburg, Maryland, to further the cause of Mother Seton. 
    The first collaborative project created by the Federation archivists featured oral histories of sisters from the Congregations. To continue to expand the history of individual communities in a collaborative format, thos exhibit features two artifacts from each Congregation to represent a ‘moment in time.' The online visibility of these artifacts provides access to cultural materials that may otherwise be hidden due to exhibit limitations or inherent fragility. This project is not limited by time or scope but can grow into the future, to build a deeper, lasting, legacy of the history of charity. The exhibit will evolve as items of interest are added.
    Each Congregation's exhibit page begins with a history of the archives of the Community, accompanied by an image of the Motherhouse or current administrative center. To browse individual items, viewers may highlight the name of the Congregation at the left-side panel of the home page or, by clicking the blue location targets in the 'Interactive Map for Sisters of Charity Federation Communities' at the top of the column.
    The SC Federation Archives database is a unique endeavor for women religious archives and exceptional in the realm of Catholic scholarship. The growth of these archival collections, is founded upon the efforts of sister archivists and their continuing contributions. The prominence of lay staff archivists as curators also serve a vital role towards modern mission advancement activities.
    For reproduction or permission to publish, please refer to the ‘Rights’ statement associated with the object pictured in the 'browse' feature. Please direct your inquiries to:
    The SC Federation is a membership association of 14 congregations of women religious that number over 2,000 sisters throughout the United States, Canada and in 24 other countries in various capacities. The Federation’s mission in the Church continues the original values of Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint Louise de Marillac and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

    Pictured in front of the White House, Emmitsburg, are attendees:

    Front Row (left to right): Sr. Estelle Baker (Daughters of Charity); Mother Maria Benedict Monahan (Seton Hill); Mother Mary Josephine Taafe (SCNY); Bishop John McNamara; Sr. Isabelle Toohey (Daughters of Charity); Mother Evaristus (SC-Halifax); Sr. Mary Gertrude Quinlan (SCNJ)    

    Back Row (left to right): Sr. Maurita (SC-Halifax); Sr. Mary Fuller (SCNY); Sr. Rosa McGehee (Daughters of Charity); Sr. Miriam Fidelis Guinagh (Seton Hill); Sr. Henrietta Neuhoff (Daughters of Charity)

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    Charity Speaks

    Charity Speaks is an online exhibit composed of the Sisters of Charity Federation Archives' oral history and written history collections.
    Selected by the archivists of the Sisters of Charity Federation, in consultation with congregational leadership, these Sisters' stories represent the breadth and depth of the legacy that are waiting to be uncovered in women religious archives. Women religious have lived deep, spiritual, fulfilling, and historic lives. The stories contained within these records encompass more than just religious life; they provide a unique window into womanhood, Catholic family life, 20th century social and political issues, regional and institutional histories, and much more. 
    Explore the galleries to the left to learn more about how the daughters of St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise de Marillac, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton have made a difference all over the world.