Sisters of Charity Federation Archives

Beyond the Archives: A Collaborative Exhibit Featuring Original Artwork by Sisters

During this modern age, we applaud the creativity and versatility of artistic expression by those sister artists of the past and present day. The documentation of women religious as artists may be limited due to the lifelong humility embraced by sisters. A broad display of subject matter and artistic format will illustrate the hidden talents of the artist and the versatility of themes. 

Inspired by the positive reception of collaborative projects, ‘Charity Speaks,’ featuring oral history interviews with sisters, and ‘A History of the Federation Communities in Objects,’ in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Sisters of Charity Federation, this is the third joint project amongst Sisters of Charity Federation archivists to feature resources from individual communities.

This exhibit will feature some familiar works and, also, reveal unknown compositions. Artwork in different mediums will be included, some displayed at community, or other locations, others, brought to light from storage, unable to be displayed due to exhibit limitations.

The collaborative display of artwork by Congregation members will be represented from the fourteen Federation communities.

For further information, please see the contact information and refer to the ‘Rights’ statement for the representative community at the ______ page.